Friday, 6 December 2013

Play Galllllll x Kate Moss x Mert and Marcus

Even before seeing the Kate Moss shoot for Playboy's 60th Birthday, I knew I was going to be obsessed with it. Kate Moss doesn't do things by halves and she certainly doesn't disappoint. 
The legendary fashion photographers Mert and Marcus have captured classic old school Playboy glamour as well as artistic and modern imagery in the editorial.
Each image seems to tell a different story and has its own unique charm.

My illustration is from a photograph from the shoot. This image has been used as a print on Marc Jacobs shirts. Of course, after knowing about this shirt I immediately tried to purchase it, but I can't get it shipped to the UK. I'm almost kind of tempted to get my illustration printed on a tee and wear it instead.
Although this illustration looks very much like Kate Moss, I strangely see an element of Kim Kardashian in it; I think it's possibly the lips.

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